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The Scapula photos

These amazing photographs of the scapula are from Paul Grilley website. These images are so helpful to look at client's movement and guide them for the best coordination and range of the individual's movement.

Ventral view of two right scapula. Coracoid process is slanted downward on the right image. More likely to pinch with humerus in some positions like chaturanga in Yoga.

These are three right scapula, showing shoulder sockets. The vertical axis of each scapula is different. Also, the placement of the acromion process is different.

These are two right scapula from the back view. The acromion process on the left image doesn't cover the shoulder socket. This means the humerus abduction would vary tremendously.

Back view of two right scapula. The acromion of the right image would block the movement like clasp the hands behind the back.

The acromion of the left image doesn't cover the shoulder socket. This makes it easier to raise the arms past vertical.

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