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The Foot

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The each foot consists of 3+4+5+5+5+4=26 bones.

These information is written in the book "Body³" by Thomas Myers.

Number of bones are very interesting, when you look at a leg starting at thigh bone. Our body is such a wonder!

In the thigh, there is one bone, the femur.

Below in the lower leg has 2 bones, the tibia and the fibula. Then on the foot, as we expect, the posterior part of the tarsus of the foot that receives and distributes the weight of the body, consists of 3 bones, the talus, the calcaneus and the navicular.

The next layer of bones is a line of four, 3 cuneiforms and the cuboid.

Then there are 5 metatarsals. And Five, with 3 phalangeal bones in each of the smaller toes, but only two in the big toe, so that each foot consists of 3+4+5+5+5+4=26 bones.

Upper leg

1 bone; Femur

Lower leg

2 bones; Tibia, Fibula


3 bones; Talus, Calcaneus, Navicular

4 bones; three Cuneiforms, Cuboid

5 bones; Metatarsals

5 with 3 Phalangeal bones, but only 2 in the big toe

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