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Legs spiraling out for grounding

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

During seated spinal motion exercises, you'll elevate the spine with engaging legs. And you'll be narrowing the pelvis to create a room for the pelvis to move and free the movements in the spine, without losing support from the grounded feet and legs.

You will seated in the comfortable wide leg position, and try to push your feet into the floor and ground yourself. If you just linearly push your legs into the ground, it won't affect the muscles around the pelvis in the harmonious way as much. If you spiral your legs out as you push into the ground, you'll get the sensation of the norrowing of the pelvis and feel elongation in the spine.

Let's look at the spiral line of the myofascial meridians by Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains to get some ideas of how we can be aware of the spiraling sensation in the legs.

Grounding behind the first metatarsal, spiraling up through front of the shine (Tibialis Anterior) to the out side of the knee (Lateral Tibial Condyle), and up on the side of the thigh (Tensor Fasciae Latae and Iliotibial Tract) to the hip (ASIS). And the line continues upwards, but now let's look at another part of the spiral line within this loop, starting at the sacrum. From the sacrum (Sacrotuberous Ligament) to the sit bones (Ischial tuberosity) through the hamstrings (Biceps Femoris) down to the calves (Fibularis longus) and outside of the foot and back to the bottom of the1st metatarsal.

The sensation in the legs is like energy rises up in the spiral way, from the bottom side of the 1st metatarsal, crossing up through the front of the shin to the out side of the thigh to the hip bone, and at the same time, you are reaching down the sit bones, through the back of the leg (Hamstrings, calf) to the 1st metatarsal. It's a loop. That's why your legs feel pulling upwards as reaching downwards.

That creates a good secured foundation to move your spine safely, freely and you will find confident in your movement.

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